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Marlowe and Me

"Today, Marlowe and I stood together for something we believe in. Together we transported placards, bunting, and flyers all filled with a simple message and a good deal of hope. We met hundreds of people and 26 dogs (yes, we counted and the last one was a gorgeous border collie). We endured scorn and mocking from a few, always maintaining our composure and smiling anyway. We convinced some who had not decided to vote with us. And we were offered thanks by a precious number of people who could feel and see what we could; that this was good and right and important to do. But we also met people who were fearful and some even showed us what they were afraid with social media posts declaring the Yes vote for an advisory body will lead to an overturned government and people losing their homes and money. Marlowe received many compliments and sparked many conversations, some of which changed a vote in our favour. We did our best. And we are proud of ourselves."

October 14, 2023.


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