A journey through my music collection.

This is the first album I bought with my own money. 

I must have been eleven at the time, since the album came out in late 1981. 

It’s pretty much a certainty I first heard the band on Countdown.

The first single, which they released before the album, was ‘Who Can It Be Now?’. I still enjoy the track, Greg Ham on saxaphone going head-to-head with Colin Hay’s voice. It’s something special.

Of course, the big single from the album was ‘Down Under’, whether for it’s use of Aussie slang like ‘chunder’ or it’s references to a ‘vegemite sandwich’, I don’t know.

My favourite song on the album? It’s hard to choose, as all the songs have a catchy beat and sing-along-ability, but I would probably choose ‘Be Good Johnny’, simply because the lyrics make me smile. And I can always remember the fun of the video clip.

© Mark J. Keenan