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Horse Outside

Recently, I have been listening to The Blindboy Podcast.

The host, Blindboy Boatclub*, is one half of Irish hip-hop duo The Rubberbandits who create comedic and satirical songs. I was introduced to their lyrical genius while watching music videos late one December night with a group of friends in Melbourne back in 2022. John, originally from Ireland, put on the clip for 'Horse Outside.' It is an incredibly funny song and clip, and I knew immediately that I'd become a fan of the band. What I didn't know was where this would lead me.

Until recently, I didn't know Blindboy was also a writer and an artist. So, when I discovered his podcast I wasn't sure where to start. It would be logical, I suppose, to start listening to someone's podcasts from the beginning, but I knew if I did that I would then have to proceed in sequential order. So, instead, I just scrolled through a bunch of them until I found one which seemed interesting.

That first podcast was called "A mental health plan for when the weather is cold and the days are short and dark" and began with a discussion about weather-proof clothing and how Blindboy always ensures his pants and jacket are different to each other. His reasoning being that civilians who wear matching Gore-tex pants and jacket always look like they have been through a difficult divorce. I thought that sounded fairly likely and I have been listening to him since.

Based on the above, it would be easy to dismiss Blindboy as simply a wacky entertainer. But he's much more than that. His podcasts are funny. And eclectic. And rambling. But they are also inspiring. Blindboy talks openly about his mental health, addictions and habits, and about life's challenges. He provides useful ideas on how to deal with these, through his own lived experience and through conversations with others. And he shares his love of art in all it's forms.

The latest episode I have listened to is called "Psychotherapy and Nutrition with Kimberley Wilson" and it provides a great discussion on behavioural activation, finding your way to your authentic self, and how to pay attention to the physical manifestations of your emotions. And about the concept of full body mental health and the impact of nutrition and exercise. It was fantastic.

I never would have expected watching a video clip would lead me to a way of thinking about my health in a holistic way right when I needed it, about how the mental, physical and spiritual parts are all interlinked. But it did and for that I am grateful to Blindboy Boatclub and to John, who brought two men wearing suits and plastic bag masks into my life.

*David Chambers, known by this pseudonym, wears a plastic bag over his head when he performs or is interviewed.


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