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Back To The Trails

My life is not static. Yours probably isn't either. Stuff happens, things change. We drop routines we know are good for us because we lack energy, and then we have less energy because we drop routines.

I haven't been running as much since April. I'm not sure exactly why but probably because that was when I had decided not to run any ultramarathons this year. So, I haven't been following any training plan, and I've just been exercising - including running - when I want to, or when I feel like I need to.

I don't think it's a good approach for me. Freedom to choose seems good, and is, but also I need structure and repetition. I've not only lost physical fitness, but my overall well-being has been impacted. I'm not as calm as I would like to be and my mind is more busy than I'd prefer.

So, it's back to the drawing board for me. Or back to the trails anyway. Get myself a healthy dose of trees, hills, body fatigue. Catch up with some friends. Switch off my mind.

I still don't think I'll plan training around a specific event, or sign up for one. But I will set up a plan which involves the things I like, and I know are good for me; running solo on the trails, running weekly with friends, parkrun with the family, and functional fitness training so I don't fall apart.


📷taken after running 18k at Yaberoo event, after which I remembered what I'd been missing.

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Aug 17, 2021

Keep on running and writing and exploring Mark

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