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FREE stories. Seriously, click here now.

FREE stories. Yes, really, they are FREE!

If you are desperately excited to get to the FREE (yes, FREE!) stories then please click here and enjoy:

But if you want to know more about these FREE stories then you can also read the below, and then you can click on the links up there.

In February this year, I was fortunate enough to join an online workshopping group that was formed by the Australian Writers’ Centre. The group includes emerging and published writers and is intended to be a place for completing and critiquing monthly writing exercises, a forum for critiquing our work, and a source of inspiration and support. It is a fantastic group of people and I have learnt a lot in my short time with them.

This year six writers in the group, including me, have written a short story to be included in an anthology (the aforementioned FREE stories). The anthology is based around the theme of New Year’s Eve; they span different genres and themes, with some embracing celebration and others entertaining darker ideas.

We hope that you enjoy these FREE stories.

If you would let us know your thoughts on the anthology stories you can do so either on the website where you receive the story from or by contacting us direct.

To save you scrolling back to the top, and wasting valuable reading time, here are the links to the anthology of FREE stories again:


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